Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Album Review: Estrangers - Season of 1000 Colors

The anticipated debut from Winston-Salem’s Estrangers, Season of 1000 Colors, justifies the local buzz around the band.

The easy comparison is to The Love Language. Estrangers’ shimmering pop has a layer of fuzz, catchy melodies, and 60s inspiration, but the music of The Love Language is much more immediate. There’s more mystery and nuance to the Estrangers.

“Dayzd” is energetic and danceable, but wanders its way into “Moonraker,” a short instrumental that could be taken from some lost James Bond film. That then shifts quickly in the rocking “Monarchs.” The brilliant transitions in Season of 1000 Colors make it easy to glide through its 33 minutes without noticing most of the song changes.

The band has also made the intro, interludes and outro as interesting as the complete songs. “El Paradiso” sets the mood perfectly while “Blackberry Drift Manta” uses a simple swell to bridge the bluesy ballad “Hold Me Close (L’Inverno)” and the jittery “Love’s Pure Light.”

Maybe the most satisfying transition comes within “Mrs. Bee” which starts out longing and legato, but gives way to some Randy Newman-like punch in the final minute.

Season of 1000 Colors is one of those albums that is physically pleasant to listen to. It feels right the second it hits the ear, but the feeling doesn’t stop there. It warms the whole body and tickles the mind.

If you’re looking for the next hot band out of the Tar Heel state, Estrangers would be a good bet.

Season of 1000 Colors is available now and Estrangers will play at the Berkley Cafe on Saturday, September 9, during Hopscotch.

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