Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mark Eitzel to release 'Don't Be a Stranger' in October

Singer-songwriter Mark Eitzel has had a bit of a rough few years. He had a heart attack last spring which delayed the production of new material, and his band American Music Club is said to have imploded, according to a Merge Records press release.

But those obstacles have been overcome and his new solo album Don't Be a Stranger will be released on October 2 via Merge Records.

Eitzel plans to tour the U.S. late this year to support the album. We'll let you know if he and his band will come to the Triangle. Check out photos and a review of American Music Club's fantastic duo set at XX Merge in Chapel in 2009 HERE.

Don't Be a Stranger track list
1. I Love You But You're Dead
2. The Bill is Due
3. All My Love
4. Oh Mercy
5. Costume Characters Face Dangers in the Workplace
6. Why Are You With Me
7. Lament for Bobo the Clown
8. Break the Champagne
9. We All Have to Find Our Own Way Out
10. You're Waiting
11. Nowhere to Run

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