Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mandolin Orange plays to wall-to-wall crowd at Motorco

All photos by Kevin Norris
Wednesday brought more rain to the Triangle, which led to another Music in the Gardens show being relocated to Motorco Music Hall. Fans flocked to venue to welcome local folk band Mandolin Orange back from a midwestern tour in droves, packing the venue slightly beyond comfort.

The band played the show as a quartet and sounded fantastic as they made their way through a fantastic set of rich folk tunes. The band used the hometown gig to play some new songs for the crowd which they plan on recording soon.

After a fantastic cover of Townes Van Zandt's "White Freightliner Blues" we called it an early night and chose not to make our way back through the dense sea of people that extended all the way past the bar.

Check out some more photos from the set below and let's cross our fingers that the final two Gardens shows of the season can stay in the Gardens.

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Patty said...

Beautiful photos as always, and it was a great show, even though I was also disappointed not to get to see it in the Gardens. Emily even apologized for the fact that we didn't get to have our picnics. They actually played as a quintet, with Josh, James and Jeff behind them.

Sorry you missed the fantastic encore, when they came down into the crowd along with special guest Phil Cook, and regaled us up close and personal with a couple great acoustic tunes.