Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bowerbirds pack the Duke Gardens

Even though storms pounded the Duke Gardens prior to the evening's show, the weather cleared up once again on Wednesday to make room for the huge crowd that showed up for one of the Triangle's most beloved bands, Bowerbirds.

The band took the stage as a trio, the same trio that graced the smaller Duke Gardens stage in 2008 (see photos and a review here). They started with "My Oldest Memory" and played songs from Hymns From a Dark Horse before being joined by a rotating cast of players including Will Hackney and a drummer (I didn't catch his name; if anyone knows, drop us a comment).

Bowerbirds transitioned into songs from their sophomore album Upper Air hitting high points like "Northern Lights" and "Beneath Your Tree." After the latter, a technical problem caused the band to stall, leading to impromptu banter led by Hackney. It included recognizing crowd birthdays and a show of hands vote about the General McChrystal issue (the crowd was all for his removal, by the way).

After the issue was fixed, the band tackled a cover of Neil Young's "Tell Me Why." The cover suited the band, but was certainly a little rough around the edges.

With the moon getting brighter in the distance over the gardens, the band closed their lengthy set with "House of Diamonds" and said their goodbyes. It was another great Music in the Gardens show and there are quite a few more to come.

[all photos by Kevin Norris]

Bowerbirds set list
My Oldest Memory
Slow Down
Matchstick Maker

Bur Oak
In Our Talons

Northern Lights
Beneath Your Tree
Tell Me Why
La Denigracion
The Ticonderoga
House of Diamonds

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phmancus said...

the drummer is Dan "Yan" Westerlund.
Amazingly talented, and brother of Joe Westerlund from Megafaun.