Monday, January 18, 2010

Album Review: Editors - In This Light and On This Evening

On In This Light and On This Evening, Editors wanted to break free from their stale, yet successful routine of moody guitar rock. The band may have used different tools and materials to build this album, but the blueprint is the same and the final result is only slightly different moody synth rock.

Back are the swirling, stormy textures and theatrical baritone vocals, except where there were once guitars, there are now synths and lots of them. Wisely, the band takes advantage of the strengths of their new instruments to make melodies and counter melodies more agile and to push louder and fuller songs into the anthemic category.

Still, what Editors does best is simmer and brood, both of which are on full display in the opening and closing tracks. “In This Light and On This Evening” may well be the best track on the entire album with it's patient layering and build and hypnotic vocal repetition.

When the band ups the tempo on the singles “Papillon” and “You Don't Know Love,” the sound begins to thin out and the feeling becomes over-dramatic.

In This Light and On This Evening is different enough to keep things interesting, but familiar enough that Editors won't shake off all of the labels that have stuck to them over the years.

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