Monday, January 11, 2010

Album Review: Boy Genius - Staggering

On their second album, Staggering, Boy Genius literally pick up where they left off; the opening harpsichord line is a continuation of the guitar line that closed their first album, Anchorage. What follows is another helping of typical, yet enjoyable college rock.

To further refine their already archetypal indie sound, the band traveled south from their Brooklyn home to Kernersville to work with Mitch Easter, who helped to create the college rock sound in the 80's when he worked with R.E.M and Pavement, among others.

Staggering is an album that will fit into any college radio or indie lover's playlist, it just won't stand out either. The songs are so close to the traditional indie sound, that they pass by without recognition. Their interpretation of the college rock sound is so pure, it's hard to give it more than just the passing thought of “Yep, that doesn't sound out of place.”

This doesn't mean the album is bad; there are some nice moments like the trumpet support during the melody of “Blame Love” or the eight-minute long “Edison” when the band just lets the listener submerge themselves in the layers of guitar. Still, I don't know if anyone will fall in love with this album because it sounds so much like all the bands indie fans have already given their love to.

Boy Genius will be playing on January 25 at The Cave in Chapel Hill and again at The Pinhook in Durham on January 27.

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