Thursday, March 22, 2012

Justin Vernon's label to reissue 'It's All Aquatic' by Amateur Love

Chigliak, the record label launched by Grammy winner Justin Vernon earlier this year, is set to rerelease the 2003 debut album from Amateur Love, the since-defunct band from Eau Claire, Wisc., featuring Megafaun members Brad and Phil Cook along with Josh Scott and Brian Moen.

It's All Aquatic will be released on vinyl and digital formats on May 22. The vinyl version will include previously unreleased recordings from the band. View the album's track list and download or stream the song “Con/A Sweat/Cat” below.

The purpose of Vernon's Chigliak label is to release "extraordinary albums that were never commercially released."

"Our goal is to release records that hold weight in people’s hearts. For us, it’s notable to point out that one person’s favorite record of all time may have only existed in bedrooms that were within 100 miles of each other," Vernon writes.

Amateur Love - "Con/A Sweat/Cat" (mp3)

It’s All Aquatic tracklist
1. Huddle
2. Con/A Sewer/Cat
3. (Absolut Fiction)
4. Sell Me Your Army
5. Numbers
6. Gradfadhadya
7. Ether Egg Hunt
8. I Need You Now
9. Say You’re Mine

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