Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Julian Koster shares songs, stories in Chapel Hill

Julian Koster rolled into Chapel Hill on Monday night around 9:30 p.m. with two friends in tow as well as a plethora of instruments including a stack of singing saws, two banjos, a chord organ, a guitar, a tape machine, a pair of light up toy soldiers and a pair of light up sheep. It's safe to say that from the get go, the crowd of about 20 who gathered in the small living room knew they were in for a treat.

Koster regaled the mesmerized crowd with charmingly bizarre stories about his saws, railroad cake, his grandfather and a number of other subjects. I won't try to recap it because I can't do it justice. Check out the video below of the beginning of the set where Koster introduces the saw named "North" and plays "O Christmas Tree."

[UPDATE: Added video of "Freeing Song For Reindeer" with the railroad cake story below.]

The night was truly magical evening and it was the most intimate musical experience I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Check out the set list, photos and video below (We'll try to add more videos later. Follow us on Twitter for updates).

And last but certainly not least, thanks to our host Angela for the hospitality and snacks.

Set list:
O Christmas Tree
Freeing Song For Reindeer
Let It Snow
The First Noel
Silent Night
instrumental piece w/ Gavin Bryars’ "Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet"
'Zat you, Santa Claus?

[all photos by Kevin Norris]


Angela said...

Kevin and Valerie - thank you so much for documenting the night! It was truly special, and I'm glad everyone had such a great time!

Amanda said...

When he started on the chord organ it sounded like Major Organ and the Adding Machine, which is a band (probably) comprised of Koster, Jeff Mangum and other members of the Elephant 6 collective.