Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Ben Folds video - "You Don't Know Me"

The Ben Folds posts just keep on coming. On Wednesday, Folds released a new video from his upcoming album, Way To Normal. The video is for the track "You Don't Know Me" that features Regina Spektor. Spektor is no where to be found in the video though some other familiar faces are there. Tim and Eric from the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim show Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job are the stars of the video. If you've seen their show, then you know what to expect. Also, towards the end, keep an eye out for singer Josh Groban and actor Abdul Goznobi (from Old School and My Name is Earl).

Way To Normal will be released on September 30. You can pre-order one of the four versions of the album via the links at the bottom of the post.

[Update: After taking a closer look at the video, there is a photo of Regina Spektor both in the living room and the bedroom behind Tim and Eric. During the breakdown, it's briefly animated to make it appear that she's singing. Regina is still technically not in the video though, just a photo of her is.]

You Dont Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor)

Pre-order Way To Normal:

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Anonymous said...

Regina is in the video. You just have to look carefully