Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost in the Trees play casual set at Schoolkids

Lost in the Trees stopped by Schoolkids Records on Tuesday to promote their new album All Alone in an Empty House. The set was very casual and featured a slightly smaller ensemble of only nine members. If you haven's seen the band live, a nine-piece Lost in the Trees show is on the small side.

The set included a number of songs from the new album including "Fireplace," "Walk Around the Lake" and "All Alone in an Empty House." The set also included songs from their previous release Time Taunts Me including "If You're Afraid of the Dark," "Time Taunts Me" and "Tall Trees." Ari interacted with the crowd frequently, asking them what music they've been listening to and telling them to make sure you're registered to vote. He also asked people where they were from which included people from Dunn and Kitrell. This led to each band member saying where they were born, which seemed to surprise multi-instrumentalist Will Hackney. Band birth places ranged from Canada to the Bronx to Durham.

All in all the afternoon set included a great performance and was quite informative. Check out this post for a list of upcoming Lost in the Trees tour dates.

[photos by Kevin Norris]

Lost in the Trees - "Fireplace" (mp3)

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