Friday, January 18, 2008

MGMT packs Local 506

It seems the stars have aligned for Brooklyn band MGMT.

A week after their performance on the Late Show with David Letterman and being featured with iTunes' song of the week, the group played to a packed house at Local 506.

At times 80s retro and at others psychedelic synth, MGMT is a really hard band to "classify." Maybe that's why on their MySpace page is says "Sounds Like: [image of a rotting carcass]." Or not.

Or, maybe the guy standing behind me said it best with, "They're so different," which he repeated about six times during their playing of "Electric Feel."

There's no doubt this show should have been moved down the street to the Cat's Cradle, but not too many people in the cramped crowd seemed to mind and they danced along to the group's single "Time to Pretend."

The band's recent exposure was undoubtedly part of the reason for such a large crowd — about a dozen people filed out of the room at the end of the song.

MGMT'S album Oracular Spectacular will be released on Columbia Records Tuesday, Jan. 22.

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