Tuesday, January 22, 2008

iTunes Single Of The Week - Ashton Shepherd, "Takin' Off This Pain"

"I got a cold beer in my right hand. In my left I got my wedding band," Ashton Shepherd drawls in the opening line on this week's iTunes Single of the Week, "Takin' Off This Pain."

It's pretty much all I needed to hear before I knew I'd hate this song. The song exemplifies contemporary country at its worst, a jilted woman bitching about how her man don't treat her right. "You don't never even talk to me, I just get to do your laundry. You sit there and watch TV even when I'm looking sexy." Ugh.

Some will probably herald this woman as the next Gretchen Wilson, but would that even be a compliment?

If you really have a hankering for country music, try someone like Rachel Proctor, who has a real voice, writes fantastic songs and (unlike Ashton) doesn't make my ears bleed.


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, Disagree with your review. Have you done any research on Ashton? Do you know anything about her? Apparently not! She is unbelievable and has talent that hasn't passed through Nashville in a LONG time! I take it you haven't listened to her album yet judging by your review. You should check it out before you post a review like this because you will see that she is INCREDIBLE! She is nothing at all like Grethcen Wilson, not even close! She is very traditional and I think her album ROCKS!! Check her album out at www.umgnashville.com/ashtonshepherd
GO ASHTON!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ashton wrote every song on her album except one, and that one her brother-in-law wrote! She has written over 200 songs since she was 8 years old!! Tell me thats not talent. She only made 5 trips to Nashville before Luke Lewis signed her to a major record deal!! They saw what everyone else is about to see. A major new STAR!!