Tuesday, January 15, 2008

iTunes Single of the Week - Black Tide "Shockwave"

Is it awful that the first thing I thought upon hearing this song was, “Wow, this would be great on Guitar Hero”?

Apple’s free song this week “Shockwave” comes from Black Tide, a heavy metal band from Miami.

The song itself isn’t anything spectacularly innovative — though it’s certainly not bad either — but what got my attention is that lead singer Gabriel "Weeman" Garcia is just 15!! In fact, the band’s oldest member is 19.

“Shockwave” is definitely worth a listen, so bounce on over to iTunes, crank the speakers and start head banging like it’s 1987 (which is, uh, before any of them were born).

Black Tide’s album, Light From Above, will be available in February.

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