Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Rosebuds rock requests at the Cradle

The Rosebuds kicked off a short East Coast tour last night at the Cat's Cradle and were in great form.

The trio took the stage and kicked off the set with "Waiting For the Carnival" from their debut album Make Out. After some brief technical difficulties, the band continued their set with "Cemetery Lawn" and kept rolling for the rest of the night.

The Rosebuds took requests online a few weeks before the show which led to a set littered with old tunes. The band gave new life to songs from their first album, Make Out, playing the songs as intensely as ever.

One standout tune was the rare "Governor's Daughter," found on a Merge compilation disc. Kelly said they get requests for it all the time, so they finally decided to play it.

The night ended with a large group from the crowd on stage to sing along with "Silja Line." The crowd stayed on stage and the show ended like a big party with the crowd dancing to "Get Up Get Out."

Here's the complete set list.

Waiting For the Carnival
Cemetery Lawn
Hold Hands and Fight
Leaves Do Fall
Governor's Daughter
My Punishment For Fighting
Shake Our Tree
My Downtown Friends
Big Heartbreak
When the Lights Went Dim
I Better Run
Drunkards Worst Nightmare
Silja Line
Get Up Get Out

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