Wednesday, January 30, 2008

iTunes Single Of The Week - Raheem DeVaughn "Woman"

If you like Blackstreet, then you just might love the iTunes free single of the week.

Raheem DeVaughn's "Woman" is no worse than most of the songs topping the iTunes top song list, but that's not saying much.

It doesn't help the songs' credibility too much that it begins with a dedication to women including "your baby's mama's mama." Hello stereotypes.

"Woman" has a groovy beat and a catchy piano part that is very reminiscent of 90s R&B. Musically, the verses are strong even though the lyrical content is about as lame as it comes. The guy seems to appreciate the women in his life, but come up with a more creative/sincere way to express it than "I appreciate your glow, and when you get angry with us, the way that you let us know, and I think you're so cute when you get so emotional."

The chorus is truly awful though. It just repeats "woman, woman, woman, woman" over and over again.

I have to say nay to Raheem DeVaughn's "Woman."

[UPDATE: As it turns out, this song is nominated for a Grammy for "Best Male R&B Vocal Performance." Yikes. If they're only judging on vocal performance, okay, but the fact that this song is nominated proves once again how meaningless the Grammys have become.]


LBJ said...

Raheem Devaughn is THE TRUTH! I'm not sure what u're used to, but the lyrical content of this song (as well as ALL songs on his latest CD "Love Behind the Melody") is BEYOND deep.

The whole "baby's mama's mama" thing is meant to me satirical. The Grammy's couldn't help but notice the beauty and simplicity of this song that celebrates women. Need substance? Refer to the lyrics of "Believe" from "The Love Experience" CD..."I'll be something like the rebirth
of love with a started with a simple kiss...what could be more precious
then the rebirth of love?"

Rah's lyrics celebrate love and the beauty of being a woman. In a time when most music refers to us as hoes and tricks and love is measured by grinding on the dance floor, a talent like Raheem should NOT be dismissed so easily.

Let it be known, Raheem Devaughn is THE TRUTH. Raheem Devaughn=The R&B Hippie NeoSoul Rockstar! THE DREAM IS REAL!!!


Anonymous said...

Raheem DeVaughn is THE TRUTH! I been behind him since DAY ONE! It's obvious what your used to listening too, probably Lil Boosie, Webbie, Hurricane Chris, need I go on? That's not REAL music and never WILL BE! Raheem has longevity in the music industry and if you can't appreciate good music then you need to tune into 106 and Park and get your daily dosage of BULLSHIT! Don't talk if you can't back it up. He appreciates women, and I love him for that.oryftq

Yass said...

Ok I disagree with u why can't ppl respect a true r&b artist. Finally there is a man who speaks about Women in a tasteful and respectable manner. Instead of calling them a bitch, hoe, slut etc etc. To each its on u don't like so be it but yr really missing out on real r&b music.

Sun Diva said...

You are sooooo out of touch with real sould music. I'll echo what the others have said....Raheem is the Truth! The song "Woman" is such a simple, yet beautiful song with a catchy hook. I'm all for positivity about my black people and this song hits the nail on the head! Keep doing you, Rah! We love you!