Friday, May 16, 2014

Eagulls brave a rogue frog to rock Chapel Hill

British post-punk group Eagulls made a stop in Chapel Hill last night while touring for their first full-length release, the self-titled Eagulls. Although the crowd was sparse and unenthusiastic, the band was able to pick up the slack from the audience and use their raw power to still have a great performance.

The five-piece band, consisting of two guitarists, a bassist, singer and drummer, produced such a loud and powerful sound that they could have rocked out a much larger venue.

Thursday’s show marked the group’s first trip to North Carolina, where they were promptly greeted by some of the state’s wildlife. After the third song of the set, the first track of the album, “Nerve Endings,” a frog got up on the stage, briefly halting the action so the members could corral the animal.

Their stage presence, however, left something to be desired. Much wasn’t expected, as post-punk bands are typically more reserved on the stage, but the lead singer spent most of the night standing with one arm behind his back and on grabbing the mike stand. The guitarists and bassists moved a little on the stage, but nothing major. The crowd interaction was also minimal with the band. Maybe it’s not what the group is into, but getting the crowd involved is key to a successful show, and tonight, that didn’t happen.

But that’s not to say the show was subpar. The band’s stellar performance made up for their lack of showmanship, something that could stem from the band’s lack of experience out on tour. Stage presence can be learned; musical talent is much harder to come by. Luckily for the fans, Eagulls already has the later down pat.

With only one album out, the set was short, coming in at just under an hour. As the band adds more songs to their repertoire, the show’s length and energy should increase greatly. With the band’s hard-hitting sound, it won’t be long before the Triangle is seeing Eagulls again, hopefully next time in a pack out venue.

Set list
Tough Luck
Yellow Eyes
Nerve Endings
Amber Veins
Fester/ Blister
Hollow Visions
Soulless Youth

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