Friday, May 02, 2014

Album Review: Wood Ear - Electric Alone

Wood Ear is not a prolific band. In the last two years, they’ve released just 11 songs including the four songs on their new EP, Electric Alone.

Electric Alone kind of plays like an epilogue to Steeple Vultures as it compliments that record nicely. Steeple Vultures was a deeply haunted album brimming with emotion and atmosphere. It’d make you sweat and then give you the chills. Electric Alone has a new energy to borrow the title of the closing track.

Wood Ear keeps the tempo up for the entire EP. These songs are more in line with tracks like “Wasteland” and “Leghold” from Steeple Vultures. Nate Tarr’s vocals still have that anxious slacker sound, but it feels like he’s having a bit more fun here.

That element of fun and looseness is what keeps Electric Alone from feeling like a set of Steeple Vultures b-sides. “Pack of Cards” actually has a bright, almost cheery organ line. The bass line on “A Kind Tongue” borders on playful. The last minute of “New Energy” has one of the more joyful guitar solos you’ll here.

Putting quality over quantity is working for Wood Ear. While Electric Alone is just a second shy of 16 minutes long, it doesn’t leave the listener wanting.

Wood Ear will have a release party for Electric Alone at The Pinhook tonight, May 2, with Stuart Edward of Old Bricks and Nathan Golub. Tickets will be $7.

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