Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Haim brings California swagger to the Cat's Cradle

The California pop rock sisters of Haim rolled into the Triangle last night to bring their signature blend of tight grooves and and rock and roll swagger to a packed house at the Cat's Cradle.

The trio, backed by a drummer and keyboard player, hit the ground running with the single "Falling" and continued into "If I Could Change Your Mind." The mix was a big boomy at first and the vocals were muddy but the sound evened out by the third song, the band's regular raucous cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well."

Even though the band has been going practically non-stop since the release of their debut album Days Are Gone last year, the band played played with a fiery, energetic spirit that kept the crowd singing along and dancing. Bassist Este Haim was particularly chatty during the show, repeating some banter from previous shows on the tour, but she talked about eating at Carrburritos and how it was the band's first time in North Carolina (though Danielle Haim noted that she had played the Cradle once before in Jenny Lewis' band).

Since the band only has the one album, a lot of the songs received extended jams which showed off the band's chops, particularly the guitar skills of Danielle. She roared through some great licks in the pulsing, rhythmic "My Song 5."

The main set closed with the hits "Don't Save Me" and "Forever," leaving the tally at nine songs. They returned after a few minutes to rip through their breakthrough hit "The Wire" before closing with "Let Me Go." The latter featuring another extended jam where the three sisters and drummer Dash Hutton pounded away on toms like with the fury of a drum line. It was an interesting way to end the set but it left crowd amped up for more, which didn't come.

Haim had been covering Beyonce's "XO" at their recent shows during the encore but the song didn't make it into the Carrboro set. It's a shame because they do a great version of the song (check out them playing it for BBC Radio 1 HERE).

Haim are definitely a force to be reckoned with if they can grow and release a sophomore album that continues the high standard of songwriting and fantastic hooks of Days Are Gone. Next time they make their way to the Triangle the band will likely be in a much larger venue, so it was great to see them come through and play the area's most revered club the first time around.

Set list
If I Could Change Your Mind
Oh Well
Honey & I
Days Are Gone
My Song 5
Running If You Call My Name
Don't Save Me
The Wire
Let Me Go

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