Friday, June 15, 2012

Dawes and Sara Watkins bring folk rock to Cat's Cradle

Photos by Kevin Norris
Dawes played their third Triangle show in the past year last night to a packed house at Carrboro's Cat's Cradle. The band showed that their time spent on the road and the festival circuit has served them well, and they sounded tighter than ever as they cruised their way through the set.

For many in the crowd, it was their first time seeing Dawes (as evidenced by a show of hands when polled by frontman Taylor Goldsmith), but you couldn't tell by the way they belted out the lyrics to "When My Time Comes" and "How Far We've Come." The band fed off the crowd's energy, with Goldsmith noting that Cat's Cradle is one of the band's favorite venues to play, in large part due to the audience.

The band also played a few new songs for the crowd, with Goldsmith noting that this will be the band's last tour before they head to the studio to record a followup to last year's Nothing is Wrong.

Sara Watkins, joined by her brother Sean, opened the show and joined the band on stage during the encore for a cover of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

Members of Dawes also joined Watkins during her opening set, most notably on "If It Pleases You," off Watkins' recent release, Sun Midnight Sun. Watkins was practically vibrating as she belted out the song, as if there was a secret rocker inside her body attempting to claw its way out.

She and her brother, who comprised two-thirds of bluegrass band Nickel Creek, played through a set of songs off her two solo albums, which highlighted both her skill as a musician and her versatility. Sean took over mic duty for one song, "Somebody More Like You," which appeared on Nickel Creek's final album.

Dawes set list
My Girl to Me
The Way You Laugh
How Far We've Come
Million Dollar Bill
Fire Away
When My Time Comes
Something in Common
If I Wanted Someone
Coming Back to the Man
Just My Luck
Peace in the Valley
Moon in the Water
From the Window Seat
A Little Bit of Everything
Time Spent in Los Angeles
In Your Eyes
My Way Back Home

Sara Watkins set list
Too Much
You're the One I Love
Lock & Key
I'm a Memory
Somebody More Like You
You and Me
When It Pleases You
Long Hot Summer Day


Sara Watkins

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