Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Was Totally Destroying It featured in Brazil ad

The local lads and lady of I Was Totally Destroying It have spread their reach to the southern hemisphere. The song "Come Out, Come Out" from the band's latest album Horror Vacui is being used in television ads for the Brazilian wireless phone service provider Vivo.

It's fitting that the company picked that song, because it's by-and-far, the strongest song on the album. Hopefully the band was able to pick up a little scratch for licensing the song too. Check out both the full-length version and the 30 second edit of the commercials below.

The band's next show is at Local 506 on Monday, March 15 with Mobley and En Seranade. Tickets are $5 here or at the door.

Full-length version

30 second edit

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