Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hopscotch 2012 Day 3: Versus, Sunn O)))

All photos by Kevin Norris
New York indie rockers Versus took the stage at the Lincoln Theatre on Saturday night which was dominated by Merge acts (Mac McCaughan and Wye Oak were also on the bill). The band rocked through the first few songs of their set which sounded fantastic.

A little later over at Memorial Auditorium, smoke machines filled the dark venue well before drone metal band Sunn O))) took the stage. Backed by a giant wall of amplifiers, the creepy, robe wearing band shook the venue with crushing sounds.

It was hard to see much with the stage filled with smoke, but I managed to get a few photos that might give a bit of an idea of the creepy atmosphere the band creates. The portion of the set I caught was one of those truly unique Hopscotch experiences that I would not have experienced outside of the festival and it was a fun, unplanned stop on the last night.

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