Friday, September 07, 2012

Hopscotch 2012 Day 1: Airstrip, Lilac Shadows, Trash Talk

All photos by Kevin Norris
Early on in the first night of Hopscotch, the Berkeley Café was nearly full for the late local band conglomeration, Airstrip. Featuring members of Horseback and Veelee, the quartet features jangly melodies supported by drones and a rumbling rhythm section.

Both catchy and rocking, Airstrip seems poised to be another buzzed about local band.

Two blocks over, I stopped in King’s Barcade to catch two quick songs from Chapel Hill’s Lilac Shadows. The young group was clearly excited to be playing Hopscotch and did themselves proud. Live, they lose none of their psychedelic tone, but they gain an energy that keeps the music from dragging.

Before heading home, I swung by the Lincoln Theater where California hardcore band Trash Talk was playing to a nearly empty venue. The band music is standard fare: quick, loud and unsurprising.

Despite the small crowd, Trash Talk was appreciative of those there and engaged the audience. Lead singer Lee Spielman persuaded the audience to pack tightly together and impressively managed to crowd surf on only about 35 people. It was an anticlimactic end to my first night of Hopscotch, but the lineups on Friday and Saturday nights will provide plenty of opportunities for future fantastic endings.

Check out photos of Lilac Shadows' set HERE.

Trash Talk

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