Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Album Review: Bob Mould - Silver Age

Bob Mould’s stellar new album, Silver Age, is more evidence that Merge Records is where old indie rockers go to revive themselves. From Superchunk to Redd Kross, Archers of Loaf to Polvo, Merge has found a formula rekindle interest in classic bands.

Silver Age sounds like a brand new Sugar album. It’s as if 1996 to 2011 didn’t happen and Mould hasn’t missed a beat. His songs still expertly combine unrelenting guitars, catchy melodies, and a devil-may-care attitude.

Songs like “Silver Age,” “The Decent,” and “Keep Believing” feel unstoppable. There’s nothing revolutionary here, but aggressive and well-crafted rock never gets old. It’s too bad the album didn’t come out 3 months ago because Silver Age will make you want to roll your windows down and crank it up.

Despite its obvious nods to the past, Mould’s lyrics are rooted in the present. “I’m never too old to contain my rage,” he sings on the title track. Mould is here to show that not all rockers go quietly into the night.

On “The Decent,” he seems to address his many solo genre experiments since the breakup of Sugar.

I didn't want to play the song
That gave people so much hope
I turned my back and turned away
Here's the rope that made me choke

God, I hope it's not too late
Can I try to make it up to you somehow?

There’s nothing Mould needs to be sorry for, but if he did Silver Age would make up for just about anything.

Silver Age is available now from Merge Records.

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