Monday, April 18, 2011

New music video from Superchunk - "Crossed Wires"

Superchunk have delved back into the world of comical music videos with their latest clip for the Majesty Shredding tune "Crossed Wires." In it, you'll see a cat run amok, committing armed robbery, punching people and even using some illegal substances. It's odd and rather amusing. Check it out below.

In case you missed the band's last video for "Digging For Something," check it out HERE. It featured The Love Language as the newly reunited Superchunk with only one original member. It's quite funny too.

The band just rereleased a remastered version of their amazing 1995 album Here's Where the Strings Come In for Record Store Day. You can find it at your favorite independent record store or the Merge online store now and it will be widely released on Tuesday, April 19. The release includes bonus demo songs as well as a download of The Clambakes Vol. 5: Cup of Clams, which is a live recording of a Cat's Cradle show from 2003.

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