Thursday, April 07, 2011

Album Review: The Huguenots - The Huguenots

The Huguenots have never been shy about their 60s and 70s influence, and they let it fly on their self-titled debut album.

The album kicks off with a strummy guitar riff in "When It's Wrong, which reminiscent of The Who's "Pinball Wizard," before shifting gears with a solid groove and a little psychedelia.

"Your Little Nothing" sports a hooky chorus and great call and response between the lead and backing vocals. "I Would Say" is a fantastic little pop gem which chugs along in the verses thanks to a solid bass groove and a memorable melody.

"She Keeps Moving" is a blistering little tune which features some tasty guitar licks which serve as the hook.

The album hits a small rough patch about halfway in, though. "Take Confidence" has call and response verses which are awkward, though it does sport a nice little psychedelic breakdown. "Blue Blood" suffers from an odd rhythm and tempo combination that feels like trying to walk in a pool. It's a bit to slow, but the tension seems intentional.

"Julia" brings the album out the funk and is the catchiest song on the album. It has one of the catchiest guitar riffs around and is a solid through and through.

The Huguenots is a strong first offering from a promising band. The album isn't all pop gems, but the band's energy and penchant for finding hooks makes it a great listen.

The Huguenots will celebrate the release of the album at Local 506 in Chapel Hill on Friday, April 8 with The Tomahawks.

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carrboro ninja said...

i'm quite addicted to whistling "I Would Say" ...its a whistler