Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Album Review: Daddy Issues - Double Loser EP

If you had just 10 minutes to impress somebody, could you do it? Greensboro quartet Daddy Issues does on their new Double Loser EP.

In four songs, Lo Davy (vocals, guitar), Lindsey Sprague (lead guitar), Maddie Putney (bass), and Amethyst White (percussion) assert themselves as a one of the best new North Carolina bands and hint at some range as well.

Few bands pull off surf rock as well as Daddy Issues. The style’s signature bounce is prevalent, but not over emphasized or cartoonish. The bright tones add color and draw the listener in. Davy lulls them for a bit with slacker-esque vocals before smacking listeners up side the head with joyful and mischievous shouts.

Make no mistake, this is punk rock. Daddy Issues don’t have to be the loudest or the fastest because they’re overflowing with attitude. Each song radiates confidence. “So Hard” proudly champions a woman’s sexual excellence. “Let’s Go to the Mall” finds the quartet shouting “Fuck you! I don’t care!” in unison and it makes for a perfect mission statement.

Even on “Lethal Dose,” the slow and dreamy final track, Daddy Issues doesn’t give up their strength. Conventional unrequited love songs would have the woman pining for another who can’t be had. Here, however, the narrator can have this person, but that person may not right.

“You hold my gaze, put me in a daze. I think about you all the time, don’t know should I make you mine. Your lips so sweet, make my heart beat. Oh, I wanna hold you close, but baby you’re a lethal dose,” Davy sings.

It’s the narrator's decision to pursue or not. That’s a small difference lyrically, but an empowering one.

Double Loser will leave listeners feeling insatiable. The appetite for more Daddy Issues will only grow with this official release.

Double Loser is out now on Negative Fun Records. Daddy Issues will play with La Luz and Shiva at Kings Barcade in Raleigh on March 11. Tickets are $8.

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