Monday, September 08, 2014

Hopscotch 2014 Night 2: Ghostt Bllonde, Open Mike Eagle

All photos by Chris Powers
Raleigh’s Ghostt Bllonde looked like they were having more fun than any other band at Hopscotch. The young pop band was clearly thankful for the opportunity to play the Contemporary Art Museum at their hometown’s showcase festival.

Lead singer Marc Kuzio was dressed to the nines with a dapper vintage jacket and busted out a ton of 50s-style dance moves on stage. Drummer Billy Barnes did not stop smiling during the entire set.

That youthful exuberance only added to the contagious nature of the groups doo-wop inspired songs. Ghostt Bllonde have no problem getting people dancing. It’s their effortless shifting from dancing to big, body rocking jams that’s truly surprising. 

Over at The Pour House, Open Mike Eagle captivated an audience with his one man show. Mike’s quiet, easy California flow was a stark contrast to Deniro Farrar’s harder southern delivery. There was no hype crew for Mike and no DJ. He sets up his glitchy, delicate beats on his lap top and sings his own choruses. 

Particularly memorable was “Very Much Money” off his latest album, Dark Comedy. Among nerdy references to things like the cartoon Adventure Time is a biting critique of what society values. “My friends are super heroes. None of us have very much money, though,” he sings in the instantly familiar chorus. 

The combination of catchy choruses, thoughtful beats and intricate lyrics made Mike my favorite hip hop act I saw over the weekend.

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Will M. said...

Open Mike Eagle was fantasticly surprising