Thursday, September 18, 2014

Delta Spirit brings down the house in Carrboro

While on tour for their fourth LP, Into the Wide (read our review HERE), California rockers Delta Spirit made a stop at Cat’s Cradle last night. And they absolutely brought down the house.

Although the band was touring for their new album, they kept a good balance of reaching back into their catalogue and playing songs from their three previous releases.

The sound at the show was second to none. No feedback, no static, no breaks. The band played loud and hard, shaking the floor of the venue and lead singer Matthew Vasquez screamed into the microphone with raw emotion.

The high point of the show came in the form of the performance of “Trashcan.” Vasquez started the song on the piano, but it wasn’t long before he was up walking around stage, rolling around, and even coming down into the crowd and leading a call and response.

The show ended with a great performance of “People, Turn Around.” Lasting longer than the studio version, with the band improvising solos and the crowd singing along loudly with the chorus.

With the amazing performance they put on musically, as well as pure stage presence, Delta Spirit is a show you don’t want to miss if and when they come back.

Set List
From Now On
Tear It Up
Empty House
Strange Vine
Live On
Hold My End Up
People C’mon
Take Shelter
Bushwick Blues
Language of the Dead
Trashcan Children
White Table
Into the Wide
People, Turn Around

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