Thursday, July 03, 2014

Hundred Waters and GEMS bring down the house at Local 506

The crowd at Local 506 was treated to a sonic and visual experience like no other Wednesday night. GEMS and Hundred waters, playing their final show on tour together, brought down the house.

Opener GEMS started the show off right with their distinctive brand of spacey, electric pop. A duo with a more reserved stage presence, the band played loud and wowed the crowd with their raw talent. Lead singer Lindsay Pitts moved flawlessly from high to low notes while partner Clifford John Usher complemented her beautifully on the guitar and keyboard.

The main act, Hundred Waters, absolutely astonished the audience. Their music alone is a beautiful experience. Paired with an intense, flamboyant, synchronized light show, that experience stunned the crowd into silence. The entire show was sensory overload in the best way. With the constantly changing lights, the pounding bass beats and hauntingly beautiful voice of lead singer Nicole Miglis, there wasn’t a dull moment to be found during the show.

Playing mostly all the set’s songs from last month’s release The Moon Rang like a Bell, Hundred Waters honed in on the sound they’ve executed so well over the course of their young career. The dual synths alongside the bass lines and guitar riffs that occurred occasionally on different tracks, and the flute of Miglis, all worked to create a sound so intense and unique.

If you ever get the chance, do not pass on a Hundred Waters show. You will never hear or see anything quite like it.

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