Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Clientele's 'Suburban Light' to get deluxe reissue in May

Following reissues from Lamchop, Superchunk and Richard Buckner, Merge Records will continue their reissue series celebrating their 25th anniversary in May by rereleasing UK band The Clientele's debut album.

Merge will reissue Suburban Light as a remastered double album that includes a bonus disc of b-sides, rarities, and previously unreleased songs. It will be available on as a double-disc release, one LP and one disc or, of course, as a digital download. Check out the full track list below.

Check out a performance of the song "An Hour Before the Light" filmed outside in Dogmersfield, Hampshire, in 1996 below.

The band has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2011 but are reuniting for a show in New York later this month. Maybe they'll play once more at the big Merge festival set to descend upon Carrboro in July. We'll just have to wait and see.

Suburban Light track list
1. I Had to Say This
2. Rain
3. Reflections After Jane
4. We Could Walk Together
5. Monday's Rain
6. Joseph Cornell
7. An Hour Before the Light
8. (I Want You) More Than Ever
9. Saturday
10. Five Day Morning
11. Bicycles
12. As Night is Falling
13. Lacewings

Bonus disc track list
1. Sarah's Prelude (Previously unreleased)
2. 6am Morningside (7" previously released in Spain by Elefant Records, February 2000)
3. What Goes Up (7" previously released in UK by Pointy Records, June 1998)
4. From a Window (Previously released by Merge Records on the US version of Suburban Light, 2001)
5. Driving South (Previously released in US by Merge Records on Fading Summer EP, 2001)
6. Porcelain (Portastudio version) (7" previously released in US by Slumberland Records, 2001)
7. May Has Brought A Change in You (Previously unreleased)
8. Monday's Rain (Portastudio version) (Previously unreleased)
9. Tracey Had a Hard Day Sunday (Previously released in UK by Earworm Records on "Outta' Town Outer Space / A West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Covers E.P.", 2001)
10. Six Foot Drop (7" Previously released in US by Drive in Records, 2001)

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