Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Love Language releases 'Black Mt. Demos' digitally

When The Love Language released their long-awaited third album Ruby Red back in July, a few lucky folks who pre-ordered the album from Merge Records got a bonus cassette dubbed Black Mt. Demos, featuring early version of songs on Ruby Red as well as some outtakes.

As of yesterday, that collection of demos is available digitally to purchase on major download sites including iTunes. It's also available to stream via a variety of services, including Spotify. Check out the track list below.

Love Language mastermind and frontman Stuart McLamb will open for Eleanor Friedberger at the Cat's Cradle Back Room in Carrboro this Saturday, October 12. Tickets are available via Ticketfly for $12.

Black Mt. Demos track list
1. Calm Down
2. On Our Heels
3. Remain in Soul
4. Kids
5. Knots
6. Shadow of a Ghost
7. Never Bleed
8. White Horse
9. Golden Age
10. Smile
11. Faithbreaker

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