Friday, September 09, 2011

Hopscotch 2011 Day 1: The Love Language at Lincoln Theatre

Photo by Kevin Norris
All photos below by Emily Price
except the fourth
The Lincoln Theatre was the place to be Thursday night, if the line down the side of the building for The Love Language's 11 o'clock set was any indication. Inside, fans were packed floor to ceiling as the occasional handful of glow sticks arced overhead and the band cranked out an hour of high energy tunes with much of the crowd dancing and singing along.

Frontman Stu McLamb seemed to barely have time to catch his breath (though he did take the opportunity to wish his dad a happy birthday) as the band plowed through a dozen or so songs, including some new material and a cover of Diana Ross' "My World Is Empty Without You," which they absolutely owned.

There may be two full days of Hopscotchy goodness to go, but The Love Language did their part to set the bar high.

Heart to Tell
Blue Angel
Brittany's Back
Cody (new)
My World is Empty Without You (Diana Ross cover)
Comedown (new)
Shadows (new)

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Carey said...

Hey I was able to grab the setlist. The missing pieces are Cody (new), Wilmont, Comedown (new), and Shadows (new).