Monday, September 12, 2011

Hopscotch 2011 Day 3: Bombadil & Lost in the Trees at Fletcher Opera Theater

Bombadil photos by Kevin Norris
Lost in the Trees photos by Emily Price
Fletcher Opera Theater was the perfect refuge Saturday night for those looking to wind down a bit at the end of their Hopscotch experience. Bombadil and Lost in the Trees both played captivating sets in what was an ideal venue to showcase both bands.

Bombadil took full advantage of the space's baby grand piano during their portion of the set, opening with a stark piano tune before launching into a set of folk-tinged tunes. The group played several songs off their new album, slated for a November release, including one particularly charming ukulele tune.

Lost in the Trees closed out the night with a set spanning their career including songs from their 2010 release, All Alone In an Empty House, to the first song written for the band, "Time Taunts Me." While many of the groups songs are, well, a little depressing, if you can't have fun at a Lost in the Trees concert you simply aren't paying attention. The band plays with a passion and enthusiasm that sincerely makes me wish I hadn't given up violin practice at age 12.

Frontman Ari Picker thanked the crowd for their support over the past year and said they've been spending 12-hour days in the studio recently preparing for a new album. 2011 has been a banner year for the group, and it's exciting to see what their future will hold.


Lost in the Trees

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