Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reunited Archers of Loaf play an explosive set at the Cat's Cradle

All photos by Kevin Norris
The legendary Chapel Hill band Archers of Loaf reunited at the Cat's Cradle Saturday night in an opening slot for The Love Language. We'll get to The Love Language's set in a separate post, but Archers of Loaf's fiery set deserves its own space.

They came out swinging with the song "Audiowhore" and didn't let up. The entire twelve-song set was comprised of the band's earliest three releases Icky Mettle, Vs the Greatest of All Time and Vee Vee.

Bassist Matt Gentling bounded around the stage, hammering away at his bass while guitarist Eric Johnson sported his own animated stage moves. Drummer Mark Price was solid behind the drum kit and frontman Eric Bachmann growled like a pro. The band sounded like they'd never stopped playing.

The Icky Mettle run at the end of the set was the high point, getting the portion of the crowd that was in the know incredibly pumped, especially the last three songs "Web In Front," "Wrong" (check out a video of this song below) and "Slow Worm." Check out the full set list below.

With the amazing show put on at the Cat's Cradle, let's hope that Archers of Loaf will decide to play some more shows in the not too distant future, maybe headlining their own show at the Cradle.

Archers of Loaf set list
Harnessed in Slums
Lowest Part Is Free
Freezing Point
Greatest of All Time
You and Me
Web In Front
Slow Worm


Anonymous said...

It was just so, so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I recently posted a vintage archers show on the you tubes.

compare and contrast.

Ty said...

Wow, I would have slapped my grandmother with a snowshovel to have been there.