Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hopscotch Day 2: Ryan Gustafson & Schooner

Hopscotch delivered once again with local musician Ryan Gustafson, who played at The Pour House on Friday night. The former Boxbomb frontman and Durham native played an excellent set that was a great kick-off to another night of music in the capitol city.

As Gustafson took the stage, The Pour House had a decent crowd but still wasn't quite full. That changed within about fifteen minutes, as the club went from decently full to almost packed. The crowd was pretty laid back for the duration of Gustafson's set, but remained fairly enthusiastic as he and his band cranked out some solid southern rock-tinged tunes.

The band had a great sound that was simultaneously tight and incredibly relaxed. Gustafson plays around the Triangle on a fairly regular basis, so if you missed him last night, check him out again. You won't be disappointed.


The local music fun continued later that evening when, after wandering around trying to fix a few kinks in my schedule, I ended up at Tir na nOg to see Schooner. It looked like a ghost town upon arrival, but a moderate crowd filed in shortly after the band began.

Schooner played a nice set of incredibly catchy, slightly poppy rock songs. Most of the songs had a late 50s/early 60s lo-fi sound to them. They improved as the played, loosening up more and more each song. The crowd followed their pattern. Almost all of those who started out poker-faced and standing still became increasingly energetic as the band played on.

Overall, Schooner was a lot of fun. Judging by their performance, they're a group of people who truly love what they do.

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