Tuesday, September 07, 2010

307 Knox Records releases free compilation ahead of Hopscotch

Ahead of their big day party (dubbed Knox with an X) during the Hopscotch Festival on Thursday, Sept. 9 at Kings Barcade from 12:30-5 p.m., 307 Knox Records has released a fantastic free downloadable compilation album featuring all of the bands playing the party.

The album features Birds and Arrows, Humble Tripe, North Elementary, Midtown Dickens, Phil Cook & His Feat, Brett Harris, Gray Young and Tea and Tempests. Check out the full track list below and download the compilation HERE (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the small Hopscotch poster to download the zip file).

Track list
1. Birds and Arrows - "Starmaker"
2. Humble Tripe - "Rescue Sound"
3. North Elementary - "Sons of Turbo Town"
4. Midtown Dickens - Airplane"
5. Phil Cook & His Feat - "Colored Aristocracy"
6. Brett Harris - "Drop the Needle"
7. Gray Young - "Vermilion"
8. Tea and Tempests - "Silverjawed"
9. Gray Young - "Meridian"
10. North Elementary - "King of Sundays"
11. Brett Harris - "Man of Few Words"
12. Tea and Tempests - "How to Hold a Bird"
13. Midtown Dickens - "Eggs and Toast"
14. Phil Cook & His Feat - "Just Like Today"
15. Humble Tripe - "Washington"
16. Birds and Arrows - "Not Interested"

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