Friday, May 22, 2009

The Cosmopolitans to play first show in 27 years

Long disbanded garage dance pop group The Cosmopolitans are reuniting for a show at the Cat's Cradle on August 1. The group hasn't played together since 1982 and the show is being billed as the group's 30th anniversary reunion concert.

The reunion show will feature original band members Jamie K. Sims, Nel Moore (Nichols), David Itch (Britsch) and Evan “Funk” Davies as well as a new singer Cathy Harrington. The band are set to perform a brand new song at the show titled "My Mama."

Mitch Easter and Don Dixon are set to open the show at the Cradle. Tickets will be on sale soon for $15 via

Click the link below to go to a site where you can download The Cosmopolitans tune "Chevy Baby" for free from their 2006 retrospective collection titled Wild Moose Party.

The Cosmopolitans - "Chevy Baby" (mp3 link)

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