Friday, May 29, 2015

Superchunk reissuing 'Come Pick Me Up' this summer

Local indie rock icons Superchunk have been reissuing remastered versions their back catalog over the last few years and they'll follow up last year's reissue of Indoor Living this summer with 1999's Come Pick Me Up.

The remastered version of Come Pick Me Up includes eight bonus tracks and will be available on CD and LP on July 10 via Merge Records. Check out the full track list below along with the remastered version of "Hello Hawk."

Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan will play the Hopscotch Music Festival this year on Thursday, September 10.

Come Pick Me Up track list
1. So Convinced
2. Hello Hawk
3. Cursed Mirror
4. 1000 Pounds
5. Good Dreams
6. Low Branches
7. Pink Clouds
8. Smarter Hearts
9. Honey Bee
10. June Showers
11. Pulled Muscle
12. Tiny Bombs
13. You Can Always Count on Me (In the Worst Way)

Bonus tracks
1. Cursed Mirror (Acoustic)
2. Pink Clouds (Acoustic)
3. Low Branches (Acoustic)
4. Honey Bee (Demo)
5. Good Dreams (Demo)
6. Cursed Mirror (Demo)
7. Smarter Hearts (Demo)
8. White Noise (Demo)

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