Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Merge to reissue East River Pipe's 'The Gasoline Age' in October

Continuing the celebration of their 25th anniversary reissue series, Merge Records has just announced the latest release that's in the batter's box.

On October 7 the label will release East River Pipe's 1999 album The Gasoline Age on vinyl for the first time. The release will include a download of the album as well as nine previously unreleased from the East River Pipe archives. Check out the complete track list below.

Listen to the album's penultimate song, "Atlantic City (Gonna Make a Million Tonight)," below.

The Gasoline Age track list
1. Shiny, Shiny Pimpmobile
2. Hell Is an Open Door
3. Cybercar
4. Wholesale Lies
5. My Little Rainbow
6. Party Drive
7. King of Nothing Never
8. 14th Street Boys Stolen Car Club
9. All You Little Suckers
10. Astrofarm
11. Down 42nd Street to the Light
12. Atlantic City (Gonna Make a Million Tonight)
13. Don’t Hurry

Bonus tracks
1. How’s It Feel to Piss It All Away?
2. Here Comes the Hurricane
3. The Handsome Cruel-Eyed Men
4. Here Come the Pill Armiesv 5. Let’s Kill the Matador
6. Golden Hate
7. Flyin’, Lyin’, Dyin’
8. WTC
9. Easy to Forget

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