Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Album Review: David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - End Times Undone

The opening track to David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights’ End Times Undone fades in quietly as if trying not to disturb and to pretend that it was playing the whole time.

When it’s sure it has been noticed, the opening track “Like Rain” kicks into a slightly higher gear. It’s still relaxed, but there’s a vibrance to this song - and to the album as a whole - that makes End Times Undone feel more alive than its 2011 predecessor Left By Soft.

The best example of this comes on the next song, “Lose Myself in Sound.” The opening guitar splashes aggressively, but it’s cut off quickly and allowed to ring while the percussion begins to drive the song underneath all the swirling tones and colors.

End Times Undone feels totally unencumbered. This album sounds like it couldn’t care less what anybody thinks of it. That’s a testament to Kilgour making the music he wants to make and rarely thinking twice about it. There’s a bit of punk underneath the haze of guitars and wispy melodies.

This record ebbs and flows naturally like the ocean. There are high and low tides, rough and calm waves. Like the ocean, listeners will likely be tempted to let this record peacefully exist in the background, but if focused on End Times Undone becomes hypnotizing and indescribably beautiful.

End Times Undone is out now on Merge Records.

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