Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New music from East River Pipe - "Cold Ground"

Songwriter F.M. Conrog, better known as East River Pipe, is preparing to free another collection of songs recorded at his makeshift home studio in New Jersey. His seventh album, the first since 2006's What Are You On?, is titled We Live In Rented Rooms. It will be released via Merge Records on February 15, 2011.

Download the second track, "Cold Ground," from the new album below where you can also find the full track list.

Cornog's life has certainly had it's pitfalls, drug addiction being one of the worst. He spends his days working full-time at Home Depot, but thankfully, still finds time to make beautiful music.

Easter River Pipe - "Cold Ground" (mp3)

We Live In Rented Rooms track list
1. Backroom Deals
2. Cold Ground
3. Payback Time
4. Summer Boy
5. I Don't Care About Your Blue Wings
6. Tommy Made a Movie
7. Flames Are Coming Back
8. When You Were Doing Cocaine
9. Con Man
10. Three Stripes

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