Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New music from Apex Manor - "Under the Gun"

Sadly, the band The Broken West split up in 2009 which seems to have gone unannounced until now. The band played a great set at the XX Merge festival in Carrboro in July 2009 (check out photos and a review here), but the split must have been after that.

Well have no fear, because frontman Ross Flournoy has a new band called Apex Manor who will release their debut album, The Year of Magical Drinking, via Merge Records on January 25. Download the fantastic, uber-catchy song "Under the Gun" that kicked off the creative process for the album below.

The band will hit the road as a trio in 2011 which will include stops as SXSW in Austin. We'll keep you posted if they announce any Triangle dates.

Apex Manor - "Under the Gun" (mp3)

The Year of Magical Drinking track list
1. Southern Decline
2. Under the Gun download
3. I Know These Waters Well
4. The Party Line
5. My My Mind
6. Teenage Blood
7. Elemental Ways of Speaking
8. Holy Roller
9. Burn Me Alive
10. Coming To

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