Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ryan Adams hates celebrity gossip

Well, Ryan Adams is at it again.

After going all sorts of batshit on readers of for questioning his songwriting process and artistic merit after announcing he was prepping another three albums (To which I say, good for you man. Put out all the damn records you want), the Raleigh ex-patriot has once again leapt to his keyboard — this time in defense of former New York Observer writer and sort-of socialite Jessica Joffe.

Celebrity gossip blogs Gawker and Jossip both posted items yesterday poking fun at Joffe for writing a cover story in the September issue of Glamour magazine and also appearing in an ad for Banana Republic on the back cover.

Gawker's post also took a stab at Adams, mocking up a faux ad and writing "Earn Parker Posey's sloppy seconds," a reference to Joffe's relationship with Adams, who had formerly dated Posey.

But Adams' comments go deeper than just defending Joffe — he seems to be trying to make a statement against gossip and snarkiness regarding celebrities in general.

Adams wrote:
I think it is very unfair to attempt to humiliate someone so obviously "not-asking for this" kind of thing. It is just cruel and meaningless. It adds nothing to the world and only invites harm to people who do not want to be harmed.
So what do you guys think? Does Adams make a good point or does someone just need to cut off his wi-fi connection?

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Andrea said...

I think he makes a great point. I've heard lotsa rumors from ppl here in Raleigh that knew him. I say one thing: There's NO WAY fame would not affect his social life and self image in such a drastic way. Get over it and be happy for him.