Thursday, August 10, 2006

CD Review: James Dunn

If there was ever a perfect album for driving windows down on a crisp autumn day, James Dunn's Lonely American Dream is it.

Written in his Five Points apartment, Dunn's eight-song EP captures the best of rock, folk and blues music in one package.

Though Dunn came into music later in his life than some (he picked up his first guitar in college), his stories speak with a voice of experience. From his first single, "When the Eagles Cry," the heartbreaking story of a father who lost his son at war, to the more lighthearted "My Way or the Highway" with its swing dance beat, Dunn takes each listener on a journey of love, loss and life. Pair his lyrics and melodies with his deep, smooth voice and you've got the perfect package.

Dunn will perform in the VIP area Alltel Pavilion this Friday and Saturday, August 11 and 12, before both Kenny Chesney shows. You can also catch him Sept. 9 at Dive Bar in Raleigh at 10 p.m. His EP is available for sale at and in the iTunes Music Store.

For more on Dunn, read Stuart Hall's story about him in The Cary News.

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