Thursday, November 08, 2007

Band of Horses packs a crowd at Lincoln Theatre

Well, it’s official. Charleston may very well have the best music scene in the southeast.

This view was only solidified by Band of Horses’ show at Lincoln Theatre last Thursday.

Now, Raleigh doesn’t exactly have the hip reputation of Chapel Hill or Carrboro. Even so, the typically modern rock club was packed to the gills with fans of the Mt. Pleasant, SC, -based group, which is currently enjoying an “it band” status.

Wearing an Iron and Wine shirt, lead singer Ben Bridwell joked with the crowd throughout the set.

“I’d like to announce this is the beginning of the boring part of the set if anyone would like to use the bathroom,” Bridwell said before playing “Marry Song.”

The “boring part” did not last long, however. After playing “No One’s Gonna Love You,” a song Bridwell declared a “pain in [his] ass,” the group played an absolutely mind blowing cover of Them Two’s “Am I a Good Man.” (Check this YouTube video for just a sample of that night’s action.)

Here’s the set list from the show.
The General Specific
Wicked Gil
Ode to LRC
Marry Song
No One's Gonna Love You
Am I a Good Man (Them Two cover)
Is There a Ghost
The Great Salt Lake
The Funeral
Our Swords
Part One
Showdown (ELO cover)

Opening the show were Ashville musician Tyler Ramsey and Australian band The Drones.

“We’ve got a wide variety of music tonight,” Ramsey said. “From the subtle acoustic tones of me, to The Drones who will rock your face off and Band of Horses who will also rock your face off. So if you leave with a face you’re one of the lucky ones I guess.”

Ramsey is a talented soloist, but unfortunately, much of the crowd was too chatty to hear him well.

But they were all silenced once The Drones took the stage, a wall of sound emitting from the speakers.

Lead singer Gareth Liddiard didn’t talk much from the stage between the group’s apocalyptic psych-rock songs. He did take a moment to introduce one song, though.

“This one’s called ‘She Had an Abortion and She Made Me Pay for It.’ I won’t tell you what it’s about,” Liddiard said.

(all photos by Kevin Norris)

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shep. said...

hey, my roommate and I were at this show as well; we barely left with faces, let me tell you. I managed to snag a copy of Band of Horses' set list before we left, though, so I can fill in one of your blanks, at least: the first question mark, the fourth song of the set, was 'The First Song'. The second question mark is listed as 'Too Soon', and it's the only one I haven't been able to decipher.