Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We hear...

That things are a downright mess out at Walnut Creek after last night's storm.

Amphitheatre staff were forced to cancel last night's Def Leppard show around 7:30 last night due to high wind, rain and, well, the fact that the roof was blown off over the stage.

The cancellation didn't happen, of course, until about 12,000 slightly buzzed ticket holders were let through the gates.

If any of you were out there last night, share your stories in the comments section. We're hearing that on top of structural damage to the venue — which has another show on its calendar this evening — the parking lot was a mess with lights getting blown over, trees and branches falling on a couple cars and even some windshields getting blown out by flying gravel.


Anonymous said...

All I really remember is sitting out on the lawn with my food and it started sprinkling. Then it went into a horizontal downpour. I was soaked. The wind was really high and things were flying everywhere. I thought I got hit in the back of the head with a rock... but not even a minute later it was a downpour of hail.
We went to where there were empty seats and just stayed there until they cancelled the show.

Amy said...